Marching ahead with our commitment to address contemporary issues of social relevance the Foundation launched three projects:

I - Aarohan - Skill development and entrepreneurship workshops- we run workshops and courses in costume jewellery designing and manufacturing

II - Aambrotsave - our annual cultural Festival with four components, and interspersed with small cultural events throughout the year.
Literature Festival -- Aambrotsave Kitaab
Instrumental and Performing Arts Festival -- Aambrotsave Raas
Art and Craft Festival -- Aambrotsave Haat
Food Festival -- Aambrotsave Pakwaan

III - She Speaks - a series of seminars where we invite women from different walks of life to share their story of success, struggle and challenges


SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMS- most often than not it’s the economic dependence on the male counterparts that makes it difficult for women to break the cycle of exploitation. She is inadvertently pushed into silence and submission. They need to be aware of their rights and economically empowered.
With the objective of making women economically self sufficient we launched a drive to provide free access to women to learn the art of trendy, fashionable jewellery making and designing so they can be on there on financially.

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Aambrotsave is an annual cultural festival spread over two days. AAMBROTSAVE’ is a celebration of Indian, art, craft, culture and cuisine, an annual project of the AAMBRA Foundation. Through AAMBROTSAVE, foundation strives to celebrate and spread intangible human legacy which finds expression through literature, theatre, cinema, cuisine, dance and music. We also help spot, revive and promote waning arts, weaves, traditional medicine and Khadi. We aspire to promote Indian literature - prose, poetry, works of fiction, reading, writing and journalism in regional languages, national language and English through our carefully curated literary sessions.

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Our daily lives, successful or not, is fraught with challenges. However, there is one challenge that women alone face – Gender disparity. We at Aambra Foundation believe it’s about time we talked about it. We all know that in South Asia a woman’s voice has remained stifled due to many socio-economic, politico-religious and many other factors. There is this entire viciousness in the name of family honour/shame etc that prevents women from openly recounting their troubles. We conceived a thematic feature, SHE SPEAKS, a series of Panel discussion cum seminar in a project mode. Efforts are being made to assess the impact, voicing out an issue/problem makes to help women overcome the cycle of exploitation and submit a white paper to the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

After the much applauded first edition in Delhi University North Campus, the second edition of She Speaks is planned for 25th July 2016, 7pm, Gulmohar Hall India Habitat Center. In this edition we not only present eminent women from different walks of life to share their successes and struggles but also a case study.

For the first time we present a candid tete a tete with distinguished women who became the recipients of the highest honours and awards in India such as Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shree and other inspiring women who are on their path of service and success to go on to become future recipients.

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