She Speaks Core Council

Se Speaks has illestious team on board in the core council.

Vinita Bakshi

Founder Director, Aambra Foundation

is an award winning sociologist, a social entrepreneur with a distinguished record of over 12 years in this sector. She is the author of a best selling fiction novel 31 Miles with Rupa and an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics. She has founded the triannual seminar series, She Speaks, to initiate meaningful dialogues relating to gender empowerment. She also founded Aambrotsave with a vision to make the world a better place to live.

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Manju Seth


a career diplomat, retired as Ambassador and Consul General of India to Madagascar and Comoros. She has extensive experience in India and abroad in dealing with diverse issues relating to international relations, governance, policy matters, administration, publicity, media, protocol, culture, economic and commercial matters.

Sameera Moledina

is a London-based journalist and international campaigner striving for rights of women and children affected by domestic violence occurring beyond borders. Her research focuses on cases where the perpetrator crosses the border after committing a crime. Sameera has worked as Editor for reputed newspapers and magazines in India and abroad. Her dream is of a safe world sans violence of any kind for every child.

Ira Singhal


Ira Singhal is a 2015 batch Indian Administrative Service officer, and is the first physically challenged woman to top the Civil Services Examination of the country.She did her dual MBA from the Faulty of Management Studies, New Delhi. Before sitting for Civil Services Examination, she worked as a Strategy Manager in Cadbury India and as marketing intern at the Coca Cola Company. She has also taught Spanish for a year.

Deepshikha Sharma


Deepshikha is a 2000 batch Indian Revenue Service officer with a mission “to give all of myself to what I do”. Describing her passion for rights of women, she writes “And over the years, from when I was a child to now, I have realised one thing, there is so much that holds us back. I have come a long way from the times I wrote my first paper on Feminism or tried to grapple with the Women's question during the course of M.Phil. And yet while in my mind space I have tried to fly past the hegemony of patriarchy, it's a difficult terrain to navigate in terms of the physical space we occupy. But all that changes when we tell and share our stories. That's the game changer- moving from Paradise Lost to paradise regained.